2021 Racers & Weekend Information

The race features a range of minis aiming to win their class or the race outright. The front running cars will typically be highly developed spaceframe minis - all jostling to become this year’s fastest mini in the world! But keep an eye out for other special minis fighting it out to win their class….

Entry guidelines and classification

This race is designed to feature any racing derivative of the classic Mini i.e. Saloon, Estate, Pick-up, Van, Hornet, Marcos, Jem, GTM, Midas etc. This has been made simple with four specific classes:

Class A - No engine restrictions. Aerodynamic additions permitted.
Class B - any engine <1600cc. Aerodynamic additions permitted.
Class C - A-series engine >1300cc. No aerodynamic additions permitted.
Class D - A-series engine <1300cc. No aerodynamic additions permitted.

* Wheels and tyres are free for all four classes.
** Turbo cars can be classified by engine capacity x 1.4. As an example 1380cc x 1.4 = 1932cc [Class A]
*** The minimum class for kit / fibreglass cars is 'Class C' i.e. Marcos, Jem, GTM etc.
**** Most importantly the Race is for driver and spectator enjoyment. The Race Committee will support and help with any classification to achieve this.

The race is being run under the regulations of Motorsport UK. You’ll need and must adhere to:

  • A valid Motorsport UK National Licence (Overseas racers need to check that their licence covers them to race in the UK).
  • Your car (plus noise output) and race equipment must adhere to the Motorsport UK safety regulations and scrutineering.

For more information on the above and to check you are eligible to race please visit motorsportuk.org/the-sport/regulations/

Entry fee is £250. All entrants will receive a race pack and compliance to the following is a mandatory requirement:

  1. All drivers to wear and feature supplied promotional items on their race equipment during the event.
  2. A promotional race car decal kit will be supplied and instructions will be issued on how to specifically livery race cars for the event.
  3. Race numbers can be requested but are not guaranteed.
  4. All in car video race footage will be exclusively featured and promoted on the FMITW website.

MotorSportVision (MSV) entries have opened. You can enter a car online or download the entry form here

Spectators and visitors

We want you to watch and be part of the special race too. This race is a key feature of the 2021 Mini Festival Brands Hatch. Please find the link to buy tickets in advance, find out festival information and also a useful promo code <to be confirmed> to receive discounted rates for camping. We hope to see you there!

Race Drivers and Entered Minis